How to Get More Youtube Views – 13 Youtube Ranking Factors

How to get more views on Youtube is a question I here a lot these days. Although the main purpose of your video marketing campaign is not only to get a ton of views but to get your viewers to take action.

Of course before we can talk about how to get your viewers to take action let’s get started on how you can get your videos to be seen by the people who are looking for that specific information you present.

In this post I want to share with some of the factors Youtube uses to rank your videos in the search results.
Read my previous post related to video marketing to get some idea about the primary characteristics of popular videos on Youtube.

One of the most important parts of getting views is: keywords. You can do your keyword research either with the Google Keyword Tool or the Youtube Promoted Videos Keyword Suggestion Tool. Most of your views will come from search engine results by people looking for the information you present. Yes, Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world.

There are 2 things you need to think about when you’re uploading videos on Youtube:youtube ranking factors

1.Ranking factors: The things that Youtube looks at when it decides how high your video should rank in their search results.

2.Discoverability: Means the way people can find your videos on Youtube including Youtube search engine and Youtube’s “related videos” and “recommended videos” features.

Youtube video ranking factors:

1. Keywords in the title

  • Only the first 55 or 60 characters are seen in the search results, so make sure you put your keyword first and then the call to action or sub-topic of your video.
  • Write it like a headline so it encourages searchers to click it.
  • Use your primary and secondary keyword phrases as many as possible, Youtube themselves encourages users to use as many keywords as possible in the title to increase discoverability.
  • Don’t repeat the keywords in your title, it won’t help, using different keywords will.
  • Use every last character available in the title to maximize the chances of being discovered.
  • Always remember, don’t spam by using unrelated keywords, this can get your videos flagged by the people watching them. But don’t retain from using as many keywords related to your topic as possible as long as the title makes sense.

2. Keywords in the description

  • According to Youtube the more words you include in your description the higher your chances of being discovered by searchers.
  • Write long descriptions and try to incorporate every single primary, secondary and close related keyword phrase you can.
  • Use all the characters allowed if possible
  • Don’t bother to repeat you primary keyword phrase multiple times unless you absolutely need to, it won’t help your rankings.

3. Keywords in the tags

  • Use as many relevant keywords as you can fit in as tags including your primary and secondary keyword phrases.
  • Use quotation marks around your multi-word keyword phrases that you wish to rank high for.
  • Also add your primary and secondary keyword phrase without quotation marks to help increase discoverability for search phrases related to your topic that you didn’t even thought about.
  • You should generally use quotation marks for multi-word keyword phrases when you really want to make sure you rank high for that specific keyword phrase.

4. Incoming links

  • There is no doubt that incoming links are the most powerful way to rank for a particular keyword phrase, especially for Google
  • Embed your videos on blogs, social networks, articles, forums to build incoming links.
  • Use the keyword phrase you want to rank for as the anchor text or alt tag in embedded videos.

5. Time watched

  • Try to create quality content that is relevant to your topic to keep the viewer engaged.
  • Add Youtube “Annotations” to your videos that link to your other related videos playlists or your channel.
  • Use the new “In Video” feature to show a thumbnail hyperlink to your most popular videos. I recommend you insert it right before the moment where you lose your average viewer in your top videos.

6. Total video views

  • Announce your video to your list.
  • Embed the video on high traffic sites.
  • Announce the video on social media sites
  • Create video responses to other videos related to the same topic. This always get’s a lot of people to view your video especially if the responded to video is very popular.

7. Total likes and dislikes

  • Use annotations to ask for a “thumbs up”.youtube likes for high video ranking
  • Ask viewers to like your video.
  • Add a P.S. to your email or in the post/article you embedded the video reminding people to “Like” your video when they watch it.
  • In your description ask people to “Like” comments.

8. Total embeds

  • Embed the video on your blog.
  • Embed the video in an article.
  • Embed the video in a press release.

9. Total shares

  • Ask viewers to share your video.
  • Use annotations to ask viewers to share.
  • In your description ask people to share your video with their friends.

10. Total playlists it is added to

  • Create playlists with multiple video related to the same topic.
  • Ask your viewers to add the video to their playlists.

11. Subscribers

  • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • Customize your channel page so that it encourages people to subscribe.
  • Use annotations to ask people to subscribe.
  • In your descriptions ask people to subscribe.


  • Use annotations to ask for comments.
  • In your description ask people to leave comments.
  • Wherever you embed your videos always add a P.S. asking people to leave comments.

13. Category choice

  • Choose a category related to your video but try one which has less competition. This way you will stand a better chance to have your video featured which can lead to a lot of free traffic.

Well this sums up the ranking factors that Youtube uses to position your videos in their search results. I recommend that you go through some of your uploaded videos and cross-reference them with these ranking factors, maybe there is something you missed that could determine a higher ranking for your videos.

Your Turn

I would like to know what are your stories about Youtube videos, or if I missed something please let me know. Are there any specific strategies you have used that were more successful than others for your niche, you are welcomed to share them in the comment box.

Oh, and I almost forgot, please share this article with your friends :). Thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading this, also stay tuned for more useful information on video marketing in the near future.

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  1. says

    Hi Alex, nice set of YouTube tips you got there. I use quite a few of these with a couple of exceptions.

    I have to do some testing on the InVideo programming because I’m concerned about placement. I don’t want it to be hidden by other annotations or YouTube ads.

    Thanks for the tips.

  2. says

    Thanks Ileane, well I heard a lot of people use the InVideo programming feature.
    I think it is a great way to drive traffic to your videos that do not rank so well in the Youtube search results.
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post on this topic.


  3. says

    I agree with Ileane on this post Philip, great tips you shared about YouTube.

    Just like with content people have differences of opinions on things. I heard from a very reputable blogger who uses video for his product that in your video you need to have one call to action. For the most part, what do you want your viewers to do? If they subscribe to your channel or comment on your post then you should only ask for one. For the most part we all want them over on our site right! So I ask them to stop by my blog instead of subscribing to my channel or commenting.

    For the most part I’m not making as many videos as I should. I prefer shooting them as tutorials but most of what I’ve been sharing a lot lately is not a tutorial type post. Video is huge and I really need to get back to shooting more. I keep telling myself that yet I’ve yet to follow through.

    I’ll be sure to definitely keep some of your tips in mind when doing so Philip and thanks again.


  4. says

    Hey Adrienne, same story here…
    I keep postponing video creation, but I know that eventually I will have to start creating videos for my blog. I just viewed your post about video editing, it got me excited about creating “talking head” videos.

    Thanks for passing by, hope to see more of you on my blog


  5. says

    For someone so up on YouTube – where are your social share buttons? I wanted to share your post but have no easy way to do it! I guess I will resort to the old copy and paste – you need to make it easy for your readers.

  6. says

    Hi Dotty,

    Thanks for the heads up, I use the Digg Digg plugin for sharing, but it is a bit slow to load in my opinion. I’m always looking for better sharing plugins for my blog but I can’t decide between a floating bar or under posts…

    • says

      I found out that the floating bar is very limited – many tablets and older screens do not show it – it ends up floating off screen. I use the under or over buttons for most sites. My site uses both.

  7. says

    Hi Philip

    Got to get more into making videos. Was on a roll for a certain niche, but I got busy and was involved in a much more pressing project. Been reading about adding more annotations and redirecting to most watched video, so I shall have to do a little more planning as to what comes next.

    I am sure once I figure out where I want to go with this, it will be easier to stay focused in a more positive direction.


    • says

      Well my suggestion is keep making new videos, and work more on optimizing the tags and description for each of them, you will eventually get results.

      Thanks for your comment Juan, cheers.

  8. says

    Very useful post about getting more traffic for videos. The latest updates of Google make it rather hard to rank websites. Using video marketing is a good alternative. These tips can help a lot. Thank you.

  9. says

    First time here… So go easy on me 😉

    You can’t beat Youtube for easy rankings. I’ve ranked videos for 50.000 searches per month evergreen keywords in a matter of weeks.

    …Try doing that with your Blog or website!

    Cool post anyway, there was a couple of pointers I wasn’t aware of so thanks.

    James Scholes

  10. says

    You are so interesting! I don’t think I’ve read anything
    like that before. So wonderful to find another person with
    original thoughts on this issue. Really.. thank you for
    starting this up. This web site is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

  11. says

    To me I’d rather use video’s because they tend to convert better than anything else especially if you share some really great content in them.
    I’m definitely bookmarking this one, thanks for sharing.

  12. says

    Really great article. One ‪good method that helps out is creating Playlists! If a title of a playlist is worded just right, it will show up in the Google search. ‬

    ‪Thanks for the information,‬

  13. says

    Thanks for this post:) I’ve been using quite a few of these tips but I’m still having trouble ranking due to my highly saturated niche:(. I even got it boosted to 80,000 (and a little higher) views but im still not being ranked.

  14. says

    Keywords really plays a key role in promoting videos hence if keywords are placed in the right place then surely the video will gain credits and more views. Thanks for the post. Its very informative.

  15. says

    Great list on YouTube optimization. It is very comprehensive.
    The only thing I can think of to add is to take a look at what Google creates as your Closed Captioning for your video. The script YouTube creates for your video using voice recognition is usually pretty brutal. You can edit the closed captioning text to reflect what you actual said in the video and I would recommend doing that.
    Good post. Thanks.


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