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I’ll show you how to get it in a minute.

It’s been almost a month and a half since I last published a blog post here on the blog. I thought I’d knock one off just to get the “creative juices” flowing again.

So, if you’re reading this that means I’m back in business, and I’ve got something to give you.

I’ll show you how to get it in a minute, but first a quick story…

This past month I’ve learned a hard lesson in online marketing. And that is:

Never rely on a single source of traffic or income.

You see, I was doing just fine until… BOOM… Penguin 2.0 came out guns blazing.

That’s when it all fell apart for me.

The traffic to my website suddenly disappeared as if people people had stopped searching for my keywords. But, after checking my rankings I saw how almost every blog post that was ranking on the first page of Google dropped 20-30 pages down(aka “into oblivion”).

Well, all except one, which is still ranking #1 for the target keyword.

Anyways, why I’m writing this blog post is to tell you that I’m not giving up, not by a long shot and neither should you.

There’s that saying “Do your worst for I will do mine”.

And what I’ve decided to do is simply move on. One month of sobbing after my lost traffic is enough.

And now, that free gift I was telling you about.

It’s called “Keyword Intelligence” and it’s my free keyword research guide I’ve been working on for sometime now.

After that darned Penguin hit me I practically abandoned this blog and started building new websites in different niches. Everything I learned is shared in the free guide I’m giving you.

What is it about?

Well, first of all you’ll find out 12 techniques and places to come up with seed keywords and niche ideas for your websites. And I’m not talking about all those same ol’ same ol’ tips and tricks everyone is telling you about.

I’m talking about finding those hidden micro niches and those “not so obvious” keywords every online marketer is looking for.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also find out how to choose the winning keyword or micro niche in which you can build a profitable website.

And if that’s still not enough, you’ll also get instant access to content and updates which are too good to post on the blog.

So, you want in? Fill in your details below and I’ll make sure you get it.

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