The Most Honest Tweet Adder Review You’ll Ever Read

building a community on twitterWhen I started out with my blog I told my self I wasn’t gonna write this type of review posts,….and I won’t.

Because this is not your ordinary everyday review.

Keep reading and you’ll see why.

The honest truth is that, as a start-up blogger my self the thing I struggle with the most is getting traffic to my blog. And as I am trying to create an automated income stream for my self the thing I strive to accomplish is to generate automated traffic that the search engines like Google or Bing can provide.

Now, I don’t want to lie to you, generating traffic to a blog, even if it’s a new blog like this one isn’t hard, you just have to work on it.

The thing that turns people off is the confusing nature of SEO or search engine optimization, which every one of us is required to do if we want to get that automated traffic from the search engines I was telling you about earlier.

A Traffic Generating Strategy with Quick Results

I can assure you SEO works, but it takes time to get it right, and to actually witness noticeable results especially for new websites. I was very excited when I started my blog and had a great momentum going, but there was one thing that always brought me down:the traffic stats from Google analytics.

I’m sure you know this feeling, to pour your heart and soul in writing content creating backlinks and after a while when your checking your stats…15 users visited your website?!?

Right? Well what I found out is the key to keeping motivated and keep the momentum going when your starting out is to see quick results. Just listen to this podcast episode of Pat Flynn interviewing Corbett Barr from and you’ll know what I talking about.  Link to Pat Flynn’s podcast

I’ve also written a post on how to jump start traffic to a new blog with social media, you might want to check it out…but not just yet.

The fact is that social media can actually deliver quick results when it comes to traffic. All you have to do is build a community around yourself, of like-minded people who have an interest in what you’re putting out there.

The strategy is quite simple actually, let’s take Twitter for example.

The first thing you should do is to find out who are the most influential people in your niche.

Start following those people. After that go through their followers and start following them, when you start it’s recommended you don’t follow more than 200 people a day.

What you will notice is that after 2 or 3 days a lot of the people you followed are starting to follow you back. After these 2 or 3 days you will then start to unfollow the people who didn’t follow you back and repeat the process again.

The fact is, this is the easiest way to get a lot of followers on Twitter in a relative short amount of time, and the best part is that these people are most likely to have the same interests you have regarding the content they read and share.

As a blogger most of your time should be spent writing content and coming up with new ideas for posts. Growing a community of like-minded people around your content takes up a lot of your time, that’s why the best thing you can do is to automate this process.

I often find my self spending hours on Twitter or Facebook, when normally I should be writing posts for my blog.

Automation will free up a lot of your time and also drastically speed things up.

I know a lot of people dismiss automation when it comes to Twitter because there have been many cases in which Twitter banned people who used services that automated their activity on the social network.

But as long as you don’t over do it, and the most important thing, don’t spam people with your messages everything will be ok.

How to do Twitter Automation Without Getting Banned with Tweet Adder

The honest truth is that there are a lot of websites that offer this kind of services, but the ones that actually offer a high value service most of the times require you to pay a monthly fee.

What I want to show you is how you can do all of this with only one piece of software that you can download on your computer or laptop and for which you will receive unlimited support and updates without having to be subscribed to any monthly plan.

I’ve taken the time to create this video that will show you how you can use TweetAdder to get more Twitter followers without having to spend a lot of your time doing this.

Just to show that this actually works and is highly effective, here is a picture of my Twitter profile stats.
tweet adder effective results

The fact is that in less than a month I’ve more than doubled my Twitter followers with only spending 5 to 10 minutes a day using Tweet Adder. When I was doing this manually it took me a lot more time especially when it came to unfollow people who didn’t follow me back.

Updated Follower Count

I’ve updated my follower count chart since the one above stopped at the 2000 follower mark, which was the number of Twitter followers I actually had at the time I published this blog post. Below is an updated chart after passing the 2000 follower count. Twitter will only allow you to follow 10% more people than the people that follow you once you’ve reached 2000 followers.

You shouldn’t be worried about the rate of people following you slowing down, the key to getting traffic from Twitter isn’t in the number of followers you have but more in what type of information are they interested in.

Actually that’s the whole beauty of using Tweet Adder, you get targeted Twitter followers who are interested in what you tweet about, and the best part is that it only takes you a couple of minutes every 2 or 3 days depending on how you’ve set up the unfollow setting for people who didn’t follow you back.

twitter update

Tweet Adder 4.0 Just Released

This is an update to this post letting everyone know that Tweet Adder 4.0 has just been released. There are a couple of changes made to the software which is now following Twitter’s Terms and Conditions.

You might want to know that Tweet Adder 3 will be no longer supported and all current users are required to upgrade to the latest version.

Also, the guys at Tweet Adder also stated that they will be switching from the one time purchase fee to a monthly subscription. If you already own a license this won’t affect you, but if you don’t, this may be your final chance to get the software and lifetime updates for a one time fee.

If you want to check out the latest version of Tweet Adder here is the download link.

Here is the official overview video for Tweet Adder 4.0:


The fact is social media can bring you quick results when it comes to generating traffic, even if you’re blog is only a week old. If you strive to write useful content that will help people solve their problems, eventually those people will help you back, by spreading the word around about you, by subscribing to your email list and eventually by following through with your instructions and recommendations.

So if I helped you in any way with this post, or any other post you’ve read on my blog please share them with your friends. I’ll most likely track you down and thank you for taking the time to share.

One thing I would like to clarify before I end my post is that growing a large Twitter following of like-minded people can be done free, you don’t have to spend anything in order to do this.

But I’ll ask you this, what’s better, spending just 5 minutes a day on Tweet Adder and the rest of your time writing posts and researching new ideas for your blog or business, or spending a lot of time looking for the right people to follow, and then manually unfollowing the people who haven’t followed you back.

This is my Tweet Adder affiliate link in case you want to check out the program. As I’ve mentioned earlier all this can be done free, but as you know when it comes to doing business “time is money”, so I rather spend most of my time with the more vital things that can help me and my business grow.

And if you decide to purchase through my affiliate link, here is a discount code you can use:DISCOUNT20.

Just paste this into the Coupon code box and hit “Apply”.

The comment box is below, feel free to ask me any question that you can think of regarding social media or blogging. And please let me know how you’re doing with your Twitter campaigns.


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  1. says

    Hi Alex

    That’s a great tool which you have mentioned, is there any trial version available for this.

    Thanks for sharing this great piece of information.


  2. says

    Great post Philip and you are right, this is the way to do it. I actually used Tweet Adder when I was first trying to get more followers and did the same thing you did. I did find though that you’ll still get some people you really don’t want following you, it can’t be helped but it’s a great tool for beginners. Glad to hear you’ve had so much success and thanks for your great review.


    • says

      Yes, well we don’t have the power to control who follows us, it’s everyone or no one, I don’t thing approved follow is a good idea if your trying to get more followers.

      I haven’t been using Tweet Adder for a long time, I only started using it in the beginning of this month but it’s already double my followers in very little time.

      Thank you for stopping by Adrienne, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Have a good one.

  3. says

    Hi Philip,
    I have been hearing about Tweet Adder but never gave it my time, I just singed up now and I hope it serve me right.
    Also I will give you another method I’m using to generate more sharing from other bloggers, You need to try and check them out. Let me know how it works for you :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Well Akos, I’ve been using Tweet Adder for about a months and I followed up to 700 people in one day, I haven’t had any problems or people reporting me.

      I’ve also said this in the video I made on Tweet Adder, I recommend you only use the Follow – Follow Back – Unfollow features of the program, and leave the auto thank message, tweet generator and all tweeting automation alone, just use it to get followers, and you will have no problem with Twitter. Feel free to ask me any questions on this matter I’m always happy to help.

      • says

        I believe you´re right. I´m trying TweetAdder but just for follow-unfollow.
        I hate when I read tweets which look like totally automated and I think they should be banned.
        I mean, why should I read a thought from somebody who I´m sure is sleeping in bed at that very same moment?

  4. says

    Hi Philip, I don’t use anything like Tweet Adder but have thought it would be a good idea. I do believe there are a number of unsuitable people to follow. I often find I am getting odd tweets on my page so I have to delete people regularly!

    Enjoy the journey.


  5. says

    Hello thanks for the great post. We have been using it for some time now and it is a fantastic time saver. Problem is it runs on your computer and it must be open and your computer on to run. So, we have it on a cloud server and it just works 24/7/365 without consuming any of our computers resources.

  6. David says

    The problem normally comes when you hit the 2000 mark – where, sadly, your “proof-chart” above stops. I wonder how the more recent proof looks? 😉

  7. monica says

    Hello Philip,

    Very interesting post about Tweet adder. Can you please explain again about how many followers I can get if I already have 2,000 followers? Is the extra 200 followers for the month or how does it work? How can I get to 10,000 followers?

    I also have more questions and I would be delighted if you could email me,so we can chat about it.

    Thank you.

        • says

          Hey Sheryl, well it’s not really an issue. The thing is that after you reach 2000 followers you will only be able to follow 10% more people than the people that follow you, so for a while things will slow down a bit, but they’ll pick up later.

          • Sheryl says

            How is the 10%more determined? ‘Slow down awhile….pickup later.’ Pease, lefine “awhile” and “later”.
            Thanks much Philip. BTW: do you have a cheet sheet on starting out Twitter?


  8. says

    You make a good case all around. Much appreciation for your opening line. As a business grows, some automation has to be implemented in order to keep giving worth while services. The key is being balanced with all the power of automation. Don’t lose the humanity side.

  9. says

    Well I´ve got bad news. I opened a new Twitter account which I planed to use for social personal purposes, not even for business. I used TweetAdder to follow 200+200 people the first two days and on the third day I found that my account was suspended by Twitter (because of “aggresive following and unfollowing”). I got in touch with Twitter and had my acount back. Next I unfollowed 35 people and had my account suspended again. I complained again and after the weekend had by acount back on monday. Now I disabled all automations for that account and only tweeted, without following or unfollowing anybody, not even manually. Guess what: my account was suspended again!
    I don´t know whether the Twitter system has gone crazy, but I guess once your account gets banned once, it is in trouble for the rest of its days.
    Plus, I feel like I´m closely watched by Big Brother.

    • says

      Hi Luis, I had my Twitter account suspended a couple of times but that was way before I started using Tweet Adder. So far I had no such problems from using Tweet Adder, but you see I actually don’t use any automation. First I search for someones followers, add them to my follow list, then I manually follow how many people I can according to my current follower count and after 2-3 days I manually unfollow the people who didn’t follow me back.

      I don’t use auto-tweets, auto-DMs, only follow/unfollow and I do it all manually. It doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes. I’ve never got any notices from Twitter for too much following or unfollowing so far. Thanks for your comment Louis and I hope my reply has provided you with an answer for your problem.

  10. Dawn says

    Hi Philip,

    My Twitter account has been suspended twice now. I was using the auto-follow/unfollow. I guess that’s a bad idea…is using auto tweet (I have over 100 posts, 95% is quotes, pith remarks, etc. The rest leads back to my website or blog. Any suggestions?


    • says

      I just mentioned that in my comment below but when I was testing, the accounts that got suspended were the ones that had little engagement and were auto-tweets. I wonder if your klout score affects it, since that # tells Twitter how reputable/engaging/influential you are. You see all the “Twitter celebs” who are obviously using it (you can tell by their ratio) but their rep is so good that Twitter probably doesn’t even consider them in their spammy algorithm.

  11. says

    I havent got tweetadder but it is something that I do intend to invest in soon.
    I am doing what tweet adder does but manually and more methodically and it is working for me.

    Thing is I see twitter traffic more as a quick squirt of traffic that I can shoot at different links rather than long term traffic solution. Maybe I am mistaken here though.

  12. says

    So I spent some time using TweetAdder doing a lot of testing. I’d heard lots of people getting their accounts suspended by using the default settings, so I went through a few stages and got a few accounts suspended. Basically I set up five “fan” accounts for TV shows… got a TON of followers BUT the accounts that didn’t engage with other users and were just feeds got suspended fairly quickly stating that I was using “unfollowing practices” that were against the rules. So I tested different settings w/ different types of content and came up with these suggestions:

    – Don’t use it on an account that’s just a feed.. I think it ends up sending a few red flags
    – Don’t over-unfollow. Set those rules to be minimal, you can always do a clean sweep w/ something like ManageFlitter later on, but when you do it daily they get suspicious.

    The thing about it though, and the reason why I still don’t use it on any of our accounts or client accounts, is that it’s SO obvious that you’re using it by the following/follower ratio. I do think it’d be an awesome strategy to start an account purely from tweetadder on given topic, set up a feed on Feedburner that auto-tweets (using hashtags), but also manage the feed and respond to people too. Then, go in for a couple weeks removing all the unfollowers 100 at a time using one of the many tools out there.. Then re-name the account and use it how you want. That way you don’t damage any existing accounts, or make yourself look spammy. You build the audience based on the topic you plan to tweet about anyway and it’s all good.

    I don’t know, just things I’ve been thinking about. Still too nervous to use it professionally, but it really is a great tool.

    • says

      Hi Amanda,first of all thank you for your detailed contribution and secondly, this is exactly what I was told when I bought Tweet Adder. I’ve never used the auto tweets and RSS only the follow/unfollow features and I didn’t have any problems with Twitter.
      Although now with the release of Tweet Adder 4.0 which is playing by Twitter’s rules I don’t think there will be any danger in setting up scheduled tweets.

  13. says

    Hello Philip,

    Thanks for the information. I have used your discount code to purchase tweeadder. really appreciate your help.


  14. says

    Thanks a lot for the Discount code. I just purchased Twitter Adder and looking forward to start using it. I am glad I came across you blog post :)


  15. says

    Hey Philip,

    Even though I got myself a copy of Tweet Adder, I’m disappointed to see that the automation of following users is no longer active in version 4.0! This was probably the most important feature that got me to take action on getting myself a copy in the first place.

    Now I still have to manually follow users like one can do using Twitter. I guess this is a requirement set out in the Terms & Conditions by Twitter, which Tweet Adder now adhere to obviously.

    I must say that even the manual process does go quicker than using Twitter itself or even an online app like Tweepi. The follow/whitelist/blacklist/Disgard buttons are all in the same place, for every user, so one can just click repeatedly and the same action will be performed for the next user.

    I still would have liked the automation feature though…

  16. says

    Tweet Adder is a great tool, super powerful and needs to be used with discretion. I prefer this over other tools on the net that charge based on a “subscription basis”. I too have used it and had gotten suspended however when used logically, systematically and with respect, can real help your targeting campaigns.

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