Marketing Your E-book and Pulling In The Profits

e-book marketing tipsIn my first post about e-books I shared with you some useful guidelines to help you start writing your own e-book. As I said before e-books are great tools to promote your website and products and also bring in lots of targeted traffic.

In this post we will talk about how to successfully market your e-book online.

How To Price Your E-book

So you’ve written and compiled an e-book. Now you have to decide how much you want to charge for it. Finding the right price for your e-book is essential, selling it for a low price will make people think it’s of low value, and they won’t purchase it. Charging to much for it when compared to your competition you will find yourself steadily lowering the price which can cause you problems in the future. For example is someone bought your e-book at $39,99 and then you would lower that price to $24,99 I’m sure that person would be pissed.

Establishing the right price for your e-book is one of the most critical parts of the marketing process. The first rule of pricing e-books is to never under price. Determine the highest price your audience can afford, and then if you see that your book isn’t selling you can always reduce that price. Before taking this step make sure you are promoting your e-book online as much as you can.

The price of the e-book should be aimed at bringing in profits but you should never forget that the price is also a factor by which people judge the value of your e-book, before they purchase it. So it is ideal to start with the highest price and launch a marketing campaign.the right price

Pricing an e-book is particularly difficult because e-books are a fairly new commodity. Since they are digital the value of an e-book is as confusing as the understanding of what digital actually is to the average person.

Let’s take for example a book in print. It is priced on factors such as paper stock, design and production cost. But the fact the unites printed books and e-books is that they are both composed of ideas. It is the ideas in these books that have the power to change or possibly transform people’s lives.

It is the IDEAS that are valuable. That is how you determine the price of your e-book.

How much should you charge for your ideas?

There are all kinds of different methods and formulas to help you determine the correct price for your e-book. First let’s review what you want to accomplish with your e-book.

price of your ideasIf your goal is to get wide distribution and maxim exposure than you should aim at keeping your price on the low side. This goal is aimed at driving customers to your business or service or to establish yourself as an authority in your field. The key is to find the right price that maximizes your profits and the number of books you sell.

This is an effective strategy if you are looking to acquire long-term customers. Long-term customers are very likely to buy from you again and again as long as the first e-book they buy is of exceptional quality and beneficial to the customer.

However if your e-book contains valuable and most important NEW information, references or techniques the you should aim to price it on the high end. If your book solves a problem or answers questions in a new unique way you should price your book as high as you can go. Just make sure the question or problem your book solves is one that is important and of relevance to the majority of your market audience.

If your ideas are not common knowledge or you are presenting a brand new technique, you will be able to sell books at a high price. Just be prepared for your competition to undercut you on price as soon as they hear about your e-book.

You need to bear in mind that this pricing strategy is only temporary. You will not be able to always sell your e-book at this high price. So figure out how long you plan to charge a high price for your e-book, and when that time is up change your pricing strategy.

If you want to see large profits over customer draw aim for a target audience that is looking for easy solutions to their problems at a low price. If your book is aimed at solving a particular problem rather than general advice then you can charge more. Start at the highest price the market will bear and plan to offer some discounts to the e-book along the year.

Marketing Strategies

The essential key that unlocks the sales potential of your e-book is to find a single sentence that becomes your selling handle. This sentence states what question or problem your e-book solves and the benefits your e-book can provide. Then be sure to use that sentence in every piece of sales and promotional material and every time someone asks you about your your ebook

Another key factor in marketing your e-book is the cover design. This is the first thing people see from your e-book. Creating a cover that sells is a trial and error process. On the internet there are many resources available to create a cover for your e-book both free and priced. But if you’re looking for a professional cover design that is more likely to increase the sales potential of your e-book I would recommend opting for a priced service. One design service that I have used and always recommended is the one from The price is very affordable for the services they offer. Remember professional graphics sell professional books. They reassure the customer that the product is what it claims to be.

One effective marketing strategy would be to give something free with your e-book, such as a valuable bonus item. Or you could bundle several e-books under one price which lowers the price for each e-book if they were sold separately.

Another way to market your e-book is to offer excerpts of the chapter’s in your e-book. You can offer these bits of information for free on your website as sort of a demo for your e-book. Always include an order form for your e-book at the end of the excerpted articles.

Creating a buzz about your e-book before launching is a great technique to increase your sales. You can to this by creating a webpage dedicated to your upcoming e-book that collects e-mails for a newsletter. Using Facebook Groups is a very effective way to spread the word about your e-book. Search for groups that are related to your niche or your books specific topic, and see what you come up with.

Take advantage of the discount codes or discount coupons. This can be easily done if you set up seller accounts with Clickbank or PayDotCom. Also here you can set up and affiliate program for your e-book.

An affiliate program has lots of benefits. Your affiliate sales team can reach people that you probably don’t have access to. They have a certain influence around their community and their word and recommendations hold more value then yours. They might be able to convince someone to buy your e-book more than you could.

And finally there is always the front-line marketing technique. This means promoting your e-book for free on other blogs, on forums as a signature in your posts. You can also go through the article directories and submit articles related to your topic with a link to your e-books sales page or your website. Just make sure you don’t spam.

Publishing an e-book gives you the opportunity to express yourself and to reach out to other people out there. It also gives you the opportunity to earn an income, whether it’s just some extra money on the side, or possibly a full-time income that can replace your job.

I hope these posts about e-books have been helpful to you, I’m looking forward to your comments please let me know what you think.

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