How to drive traffic to your blog without Google?

how to drive additional trafficSo, how to drive traffic to your blog? Every time this subject comes up most people automatically think about search engines, mostly about Google. I want to tell you that generating traffic to your blog is not all about ranking in search engines. I’m absolutely certain that almost every blogger or webmaster has discovered great ways to drive traffic to their websites without using Google. For example social media, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube among with other social networks are a great way of getting people to visit your website. In this post I’m going to share with you some simple traffic generating methods people tend to overlook and which can drive additional traffic to your blog or website.

Using Forums to Generate Targeted Traffic

First of all immediately after you register on a forum be sure to read the rules that apply there. You can get banned very easily if you do not follow those rules, not knowing them is not an excuse.

The traffic you can get from forums comes from your signature which is in the box below all your posts on the forum. A simple and short signature with a link to your blog or website can be a very effective way to drive people your way. Use a question that is related to your niche for your signature, that always gives people who are interested in that topic a reason to click on it. For example: “Would like more traffic to your website?” Visit my blog to find out what are the best ways to drive traffic online.” This is just a simple and straight-forward signature but the point is that a question always works better than a statement.

Before you actually make your first post on the forum take some time and just browse around. Look for posts that are related to your niche, your signature stands a greater chance of getting clicked on if it is relevant to the topic of the thread. Don’t post on a thread if you have no idea what the topic is about, always know your stuff. Don’t be afraid to disagree with someone just remember to always be polite.

Participate in active discussions. For example on the Warrior Forum which is the #1 internet marketing forum there are threads that can get thousands or possibly tens of thousands of views. Participating in active discussions related to your niche gives your signature the opportunity to be seen by all the people who are reading the posts in those threads.


  • Helps build reputation
  • Connect with people from within the same niche
  • Easy to implement
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Fast results


  • A lot of work involved to maintain
  • Takes up time

Using Free Reports to Generate Traffic to your Website

Now, the best thing about free reports is that they can last for a lot of time, without the further need of work being involved to maintain the traffic funnel active. Another benefit that comes from creating free reports is that they help establish credibility and expert status. The traffic comes from the links in the reports, you can also make money from affiliate links. In my opinion every blogger should write at least one free report.

Here are some basic guidelines to think about when creating your free report. Always make your report 100% awesome. High value content will make the people who read it more willing to look for your website, your services or your products online. Also try to avoid using PLR material. You can use PLR for research, but using it as a free report will not work.

The good thing about free reports is that they’ll only need about 7 to 10 pages of solid content. If you know your subject very well you can write a great free report in a couple of hours. Even with the time spend on research writing a free report won’t take up a lot of your time. A good report should contain links to additional training on the subject at hand.

And one other thing, this is very important, ask the reader to take action at the end, include a “call to action” in your report. For example “Visit this link to receive more video training on this topic”. Just ask the reader to do something, just like you would ask readers on your blog to comment on your posts or share them.

To distribute your free report you have a number of options. First there is your blog. Create an opt-in form where readers submit their email in exchange for downloading your report. Also you can create a squeeze page or a pop-up, here you can present the benefits of reading your report and a brief description of it along with the opt-in form. Social media is a great way to distribute your report to a lot of people online, use Facebook Groups and Twitter to share the link to your report. Use your forum signature.

online viral distributionSo how can you make your free report go viral? First of all offering the reader unrestricted distribution rights. Tell the reader that they can freely distribute the report to anyone they want as long as they don’t modify the content. Ask them if they want to build an email list with the report and include graphics for the squeeze page. You can take it one step further and allow branded links. This means they can change the affiliate links as long as they maintain the links that lead back to your website. And finally give them detailed instructions on how they can distribute the report. Don’t just tell them to distribute it, also teach them exactly how to do it, and how they can benefit from sharing your report with others.


  • Establishes credibility and expert status
  • Takes very little time to write
  • It lasts for a lot of time (a report written today can still bring you traffic 3 years later)
  • Once it’s gone viral the traffic back to your website is virtually limitless


  • Usually a slow starter, it can take some time before results will show up

The traffic received from free reports doesn’t happen very quickly but once you’ve written and distributed your report it will take care of itself, and with time the results will show.

Well I have shown you my most recent traffic generating methods that I use to drive visitors to my blog. The main benefit for these methods is the fact that they are so easy to implement and get started that it won’t take you more than a couple of hours to get them going.

These 2 traffic generating methods are based on what I learned from John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions(affiliate link) program. I just want to say that these are only 2 of the 19 traffic generating methods I received training for from John. This is why I’m sharing this video with you guys to show you exactly what I got from the Simple Traffic Solutions program. Hope you like it.

Your Turn

I hope you guys found this information useful, you should always remember not to rely only on one traffic source and always explore new ways of driving traffic to your blog. If you have any comments or maybe want to share your own stories about the ways you use to drive additional traffic to your websites you can  and are advised to share them in the comment box below and I will reply to you.
Also I will appreciate you taking the time to share this post with your friends. Thank you.

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  1. says

    I was very impressed with John’s course Philip. I figured I already knew about all the things he was going to share but I had to get it anyway just to be sure and am still glad I did.

    I think what people have to remember is that they need to do different traffic methods that they enjoy. Like maybe they don’t want to spend all that time in forums so they would prefer optimizing Twitter. Things like that.

    Generating free reports is a fabulous way and I did that early on and it works beautifully. People love great information especially when it’s free so be sure to keep bringing them back around to your blog with more relevant free information and you’ll have them hooked.

    Thanks for sharing these, great traffic tips other then Google. They aren’t the only ones out there who can drive traffic to our sites.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I always enjoy reading your comments on my posts. As for John’s program, you’re right it’s packed full with useful information that can help you implement a lot of additional traffic sources besides search engines. I started using some of his techniques and I already saw a slight increase in traffic to my blog.

      Thanks for your comment Adrienne, enjoy the weekend.

  2. says

    Great post, and I’m so glad to see someone writing about generating traffic without SEO and relying solely on Google. My favourite traffic generating methods are through Facebook, YouTube and through my free eBook, which as you rightly mentioned takes time, but when you have a decent distribution rate going, you’re onto a winner. Great tips thanks for putting this together.

    • says

      First of all, I suggest you can sumibt to any free directory you can find. I usually type into Google something like Add url to multiple search directories and get a ton of pages that will add your link to chunks of search engines at the same time. The reality here is that you want to be found in as many places as possible.Then when it comes to placing into good directories, pick and choose those relevant to your content. Being that you have a movie news and joke site, try finding advertising space on popular movie cinema sites like, the site for famous players, maybe some other smaller less known movie theaters, or even see if you can land a spot in a movie and entertainment magazine. On the flip side, you could also put advertisements and into joke directories, comedy clubs etc. As long as it is relevant to your content and looks professional, you shouldn’t get too many people saying you are spamming. Do it with style and taste then be patient. It takes awhile to build up traffic and a loyal customer base.Hope these tips help!

    • says

      Hi Harish,

      Yeah Google is a great traffic source but if you don’t have to much experience with SEO it’s very important to know where to look for additional traffic sources, and find other ways to get people to your blog.

      Thanks for your comment, enjoy your week.

  3. says

    These tips are really great, forums have been contributing good amount of traffic to me and i have used ebook for list building and it has also served its purpose. Looks like a great program. Thanks for sharing this,

    • says

      Hi Akhilendra,

      I know I also use forums to drive traffic to my blog and it works great also the results are very fast. Also free reports are very effective if you distribute them right.
      Have a great day and thank you for your comment.

  4. says

    Hi Philip,

    I’m really pleased that you’ve enjoyed Johns product as much as you have. It’s packed full of great advice isn’t it.

    I’ve never really got into forums that much as I find them quite time consuming. While they’re great for learning, reviews and getting in the mix it’s so easy to get carried away and before you know it there aren’t any working hours left in the day. I do know that they’re good for building traffic and relationships though 😉

    Twitter is a great traffic tool for me and for the last 2 years has stayed in my top ten traffic sources. I’m using the Social networks quite a lot now and am pleased that they’re ALL appearing in my top ten now.

    However, my videos aren’t getting as many views as yours so I’ll be tuning in to yours a bit more now for some well learnt lessons 😉

    I like the look of your blog Philip, it’s clean and refreshing and easy to read your content. What theme are you using?

    All the best mate,

    • says

      Hi Barry,

      It’s good to see you reading my blog posts. Well currently my blog is running on a free theme called Admired. I found it after trying dozens of themes. All my starting budget was spent on hosting so I didn’t have money for a premium theme.
      Hopefully till the end of the year I will get a premium theme…

      Thanks for your comment Barry, cheers to you mate.

    • says

      Agree with you about Twitter, pretty impressive that you’re getting a decent bit of your traffic from it.

      With more people not wanting to depend on search engines for traffic I expect a lot more people to start using Twitter to get some additional traffic.

  5. says

    Wow. it is great informative article. Coz after read this article. I got that google is not important for every time to get traffic. thanks @Philip A. I am really tankful to you for sharing this valuable informative post for every non SEO expert new blogger. I will try your suggestion in future. :) keep it up

    Rahul Kashyap

  6. says

    An interesting post. Google currently has it in for me (one month it will send tons of visitors then the next month drop by 50% then up by 30% then down again you get the picture 😛 )so looking at other sources of traffic has started to come pretty high on my todo list. I have used forums and they are a great source of traffic. I have also started using yahoo answers which is sending a decent amount of traffic through to my site

  7. says

    My “current” fave traffic method is viral marketing.

    I’ve been doing tons of tests with it recently, and I’ve found the core way to go viral is your offer.

    Basically the more amazing, new and exclusive your offer is, the higher the chance your campaign will go viral.

    So literally give away one of your high ticket products and trust me, it’ll pay of big time with massive, passive traffic.

    James Scholes

    • says

      Yeah, free reports and ebooks are an awesome away of driving traffic to your blog. If you manage to get them distributed and also it is important to teach the readers exactly how they can benefit from distributing the report themselves, then the traffic will come.

      Thanks for your comment James, have a great weekend.

  8. says

    Hi Philip,
    You really raised a controversial topic but was well elaborated. I mostly promote my blog through social media in the name of facebook, twitter and the likes.

  9. says

    Good one. After recent Google changes, social media marketing is considered a powerful way to drive visitors to a site. I am getting a good number of visitors per day from LinkedIn groups alone! FB marketing doesn’t seem to be effective that much, but Twitter is another powerful source of traffic for any blog.

  10. says

    I’m somewhat new to blogging, but I have a ton of information that I want to share with people! Yours is the first article I read and I have to say that the information you’ve provided is fantastic. I’m going to give those a try!!

  11. says

    Interesting post.Is always good to learn new ways for a blogger to always get a continuous stream of traffic to their website. Whether you blog as a hobby or as a job, it is necessary. I mean, what is the point of a blog if no body reads it? You can equally buy a diary and write there so no one can read.

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