10 Quick Actions You Can Do Right Now to Get More Referral Traffic

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One of the most common things that our mind is focused on when we start a new blog is getting traffic. Why? Well the answer is simple: traffic is a powerful motivation to keep working on our blogs, at least in the beginning.

Later on things tend to change as other aspects become more important in achieving our goals.

But for a new blogger, who is sort of in the dark about how much time and work it actually takes to build a successful blog, staying motivated is essential.

Today I’m going to share with you 10 quick actions you can do to generate referral traffic to your blog fast and free. You’ve probably done some of these yourself, but I guarantee you haven’t done them all.

12 Months of Affiliate Marketing in 15 Minutes

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This post has 2 versions: the short version and yep, you guessed it, the long version.

If you’re scared of “information overload” then the short version of this post is probably right for you.

For those who are serious about affiliate marketing and want a head start in the right(read profitable) direction, I suggest you skip this and head straight for the long version which is not too far down the page.

Short Version:

Here’s the drill (start skimming):

1. Start with thorough keyword research to find a niche(the narrower the better).

2. Learn about the problems and struggles your target audience is facing.

3. Take steps to know your audience inside out(why are they looking for a solution to their problem? are they willing to spend money to solve it? what pains do they associate with their problem?).

4. Look for products that fit their EXACT needs.

5. Build your affiliate website.

6. Create content that focuses on every aspect of your target market’s problem(s).(for generating traffic)

7. Build your email list.(This is where you build trust with your readers. Obviously they won’t buy from someone they don’t trust).

8. Refer to #1.

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This Blog Post Contains a Free Gift

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It’s been almost a month and a half since I last published a blog post here on the blog. I thought I’d knock one off just to get the “creative juices” flowing again.

So, if you’re reading this that means I’m back in business, and I’ve got something to give you.

I’ll show you how to get it in a minute, but first a quick story…

10 Online Business Podcasts I Never Leave Home Without


If you’ve been blogging for a while, then you definitely know that time is probably the most important asset we bloggers have.
We spend time on creating content, promoting it on social media, connecting with others in our niche, improving our knowledge.

Simply put, we spend most of our time to get better at what we do.

But if you’re just getting started and you probably still rely on your day job to support yourself and your family, your time is even more precious.

Now, I won’t tell how to spend your time when you’re working on your blog, you obviously know better than me what aspects need improvement.

Instead what I want to share with you in this blog post is probably one of the best ways you can take back your downtime, you know… when you’re commuting to work or when you’re walking the dog, basically when you’re away from your computer.

Obviously you won’t be able to write a blog post while driving the car, right? :)

But what you can do is learn. Learning things that can help you improve your online business is one of the biggest investments you can make.

I spend a lot of my time learning, but more than 90% of that time is actually spent while I’m away from my laptop.

I listen to podcasts.